Utilise environmental data in your games!

We hope that you power your game prototype with any of the datasets listed here. You can choose to use just one CO2 number or use the data more comprehensively. Please ask help from mentors onsite and online!


1. Sustainable everyday life -data

Environmental mentors Finnish Environment Institute, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Helsinki Reuse Centre and University of Lapland

1.1 Climate diet

Ilmastodieetti (ENGLISH)

The data by Finnish Environment institute helps to estimate the CO2 impacts of your everyday life. Create a game where energy, travel, food and consumption choices reduce emissions. Additionally, Finnish Environment Institute’s game jam mentor can also help you to display the CO2 damage of exploding cars and buildings or CO2 sequestration of planted trees.

Climate Diet API:

Additional data on building and construction emissions:http://bit.ly/2XInwnX
Instructions and documentation:

1.2 Lifestyle-test

Elämäntapatesti (FINNISH )

Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra’s Lifestyle test has reached hundreds of thousands Finns. The calculations are now opened for public use! The data helps to compare CO2 impacts of everyday choices - also there is specific data on 100 sustainable lifestyle choices. Sitra’s beloved mentors will help your team to ideate fun games based on the data - gooo nuts with Lifestyle CO2 data!

Download and use these excel files:

A) Lifestyle test calculator:

B) 100 sustainable lifestyle choices:

2. Agriculture and forest data!

Mentored by Finnish Natural Resources Institute and Finnish Environment Institute

2.1 Emissions of peatland agriculture

Finnish peatland fields are remarkable emission sources. This fresh dataset provided by Finnish natural resources institute tells about the emissions of different peatland farming options.

Find data to download here:

3. City data!

Mentored by city of Helsinki.

3.1 Emission data portal of Helsinki

Helsingin kaupungin ilmastopäästötietojärjestelmä (FINNISH)

Ideate games using the open emission and emission reduction target data of Helsinki.

Find data to download here:http://bit.ly/2XMj5sm

4. Climate data!

Mentored by Helsinki University INAR, Institute for atmospheric and Earth system research

4.1 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC data


See how nations report their greenhouse gas emissions to IPCC! IPCC also provides scenarios of the development of global warming and its impacts in all nations. Turn the data in a game of global collaboration. Make the game so fun that the climate negotiators will play it and learn the skills of team play!

Find data to download here:http://bit.ly/2WFF2wL

4.2 Greenhouse Gas Inventory of Finland

Suomen kasvihuonekaasuinventaario (FINNISH)

Greenhouse gas inventory data provided by Statistics Finland contains emissions of energy, industry, land use, forestry and waste. There is also data on many climate gases: CO2, CH4, HFC, PFC, SF6, NF3, CO, NOx, SO2, NMVOC. Create games where you decrease the emissions from different sectors and monitor different greenhouse gases. Environmental experts will help your game team to understand the big picture of greenhouse gas emissions!

Find data to download here:http://bit.ly/2XRFZhG

4.3 Climate guide

Ilmasto-opas (FINNISH)

Data set by Finnish Meteorological Institute provides global climate scenarios. Combat and adapt to increased storms, melting glaciers, rising sea levels and changing currents in your game!

Find data to download here:http://bit.ly/2IAs0GQ

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